Home & Home Office

We provide PC services and repairs that target home and home office users. Whether you are selling a computer and need to securely format your data, or you need to upgrade to the latest and greatest hardware and operating system, we can help you. For your convenience, one of our courteous and knowledgable technicians will come to your house/home office in order to perform our services. Call us at (410)280-1780 or e-mail us to schedule an appointment.

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Examples Of Services We Offer Call Us At (410)280-1780

Complete Reformat

We can wipe all of your data from your hard drive preventing any chance of it being recovered. This is good if you are selling or getting rid of your computer, and want to ensure that none of your personal and private data gets in the wrong hands (ex: social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc). Not following the appropriate reformat steps is a common way that identity theft occurs, so you want to make sure it is done correctly. We follow stringent formats that even the US Department of Defense uses to clean their computers.

Data Backup

We can backup all of your important documents, pictures, music, video, etc onto various storage devices depending on your needs.

Data Recovery

We pick up your PC and do diagnostics on it. We have special tools to help recover your data and will do everything possible so that you do not lose anything.

Data Migration

Transfer up to 15GB of data or files from one PC to another (Contact us for larger transfers).

Internal Hardware Upgrade

We can upgrade your internal hardware. This includes memory, hard drives, CD/DVD drives and burners, and video and sound cards. Hardware not included.

New PC Setup

We can setup your new PC, configure it for users, and install the latest Windows (tm) updates and security patches.

New PC Setup Advanced

Same as above, but we will also connect and configure your printer, internet service provider, and 1 software application.

OS Install

We will install or upgrade your Windows (tm) operating system (ex: XP, Vista) and install the latest updates and security patches.

PC Clean Up/Tune Up

Computers can run slower or get damaged by overheating because of dust buildup. We will clean dust and debris from inside of the case, fans, and drives as well as check and defragment the hard drive. We will also download and install the latest system and anti-virus updates.

Software Install

We will install and optimize one software application. Software not included.

Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal

Viruses, spyware, and adware can cause a computers performance to decrease by using the system resources when they would not be needed. Some viruses may even delete your important files with you even knowing or prevent your system from booting up properly. Let our experts safely remove these nuisances for you so your PC can run optimally.

Wireless Network Setup

Our experts can setup your wireless network by connecting up to two devices (ex: PC, laptop, Xbox). We will configure your network and properly secure it in order to keep unwanted users out.